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New law on patrimony protection will fight black archeology

Cartea Neagra a Patrimoiului din ChisinauThe phenomenon of black archeology is widely spread in Moldova. There are about 150 treasure hunters who use metal detectors not in accordance with the scientific working procedures.

For the first time, the new law on archeological patrimony that was adopted by the legislative body on September 17 includes mechanisms for fighting black archeology, Doctor of History Sergiu Musteata said in a news conference on September 20, Info-Prim Neo reports.

According to Musteata, the law had been drafted during five years. The working group in charge consulted experts from the U.S., Germany, Ukraine and Romania.

Mariana Slapac, deputy head of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, said the day when the law was approved was important for all the archeologists and for those who care about the cultural and archeological heritage. „I hope that we will get rid of black archeology and archeological inspections will be carried out before starting a building,” she said.

Deputy Minister of Culture Gheorghe Postica said that until present the legislation did not guarantee the protection of monuments, whereas the new legal framework creates real preconditions for safeguarding the archeological patrimony.

„The Black Book of Chisinau’s Cultural Patrimony” about buildings under continues degradation was launched during the conference. The head of the Monument Inspection and Restoration Agency Ion Stefanita said 76 of the 977 archeological buildings were demolished, while 155 monuments were modified without authorization.

„This book warns the local and central public authorities and civil society about the necessity of taking immediate measures to protect the cultural heritage,” said Ion Stefanita.

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